FabLab RUC - Rapid prototyping laboratory and digital production workshops

FabLab RUC is an experimental research and learning environment in building 4 at Roskilde University, consisting of an open fablab, rapid prototyping laboratory and digital production workshops. It is closely linked to Humtek - the humanities and technology bachelor program established with the vision of integrating technical science, social science, humanities and design.

We are open for all, you do not have to be a student or researcher at RUC. We handle materials ranging from wood, plastics, metal, cloth, electronics, programming and computer controlled manufacturing. We pride ourselves on being able to build a prototype of any technological system.

Please see more information, what we do, machines, facilities, opening hours etc. here on our web page.

See our Facebook page: facebook.com/FabLabRUC

People at Fablab RUC

FabLab RUC
All information, including opening hours, machine sizes, file types etc. is here: fablab.ruc.dk/starthere - please read before asking. For general FabLab enquiries and questions, please call the FabPhone in the FabLab at 4674-2055. You may get an employee, a student or a guest. Otherwise, contact one of the employees below.
Nicolas Padfield, M.A.
Lab leader
nicolasp@ruc.dkHus: 04.1
4674-3230Mere information
Nikolaj Møbius
Technology Guru
nimo@ruc.dkHus: 04.1
Mads Hobye, ph.d.
Design Guru
hobye@ruc.dkHus: 04.1 / 06.2
4674-3576Mere information
Schack Lindemann
Technology Guru
schackl@ruc.dkHus: 04.1
4674-2341Mere information
Bo Thorning
Technology Guru
thorning@ruc.dkHus: 04.1
Michael Haldrup Pedersen, ph.d.
Research and Education Coordinator
mhp@ruc.dkHus: 43.2
4674-2695Mere information
Mads Saustrup Kristensen
Student assistant
madssk@ruc.dk Hus: 04.1
Marc Greve
Student assistant
mbgreve@ruc.dk Hus: 04.1
Isabella Sokoler
Student assistant
sokoler@ruc.dk Hus: 04.1


See our Facebook page: facebook.com/FabLabRUC
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